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How to Plan Your Edinburgh Stag



Find things to do and Save them as Ideas to Wishlist

Start by searching for stuff to do and places to stay and then save them to wishlist

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Use Wishlist

Use our Wishlist of Ideas to get everyone committed early on!

Save possible things to wishlist as Ideas so you can show everyone else what is being mooted as possible ideas for the party



Get your group involved at the get-go!

The biggest mistake an organiser can make is doing all the work themselves only to discover that when he presents it to the rest of the lads, they have all sorts of issues and criticisms. So... share your ideas with the group early and then they know what you are planning and comment before you have done too much


Share the Risk

Why pay for it all yourself?

Our system divvies up the payments between each member of the group so that they pay their own way. It save your credit card and you from taking on the risk people not paying you back!

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Great Edinburgh Stag Party Ideas

Welcome to Edinburgh Stag Party, the numero uno stag night organisers in Scotland and, dinnae fash laddie, locals to boot. Unlike some companies that will sell you a party in Timbuctoo, we only work in the cities where we have offices or live in. Edinburgh is our town, our bars, our clubs, our paintball venues, our Restaurants and we are members of the health clubs (to recover from the weekend), so you can be pretty damn sure that we will give you a great weekend in Edinburgh - and most importantly a topping send off for your best mate. If you have advice on where to party in Edinburgh we would love to hear from you. You could even get a "badge of honour"

We know that organising a party ain't much fun which is where we come in: we can help you arrange everything from hotels to activities, little jokes and night entertainment. We'll help you choose and then get it all booked to make your weekend in Edinburgh a great one. We can also help if you are just coming into Edinburgh for the night and just want to GoBananas.  Check out our other Stag Do Party website if you are looking for other destinations. 

We can work within any budget (as long as it's reasonable). Furthermore, unlike other stag companies, we eat, sleep, work and, of course play in Edinburgh, so if you want something unusual from lap dancing lessons to throwing yourself off a cliff we can organise it. So follow the links below to find out what we can offer, if we don't have what you want please give us a call on 08700 112201 and we can probably find it.

A few pointers about Edinburgh, most of the hotels will not accept one night bookings for weekends over the summer period. We would advise booking accommodation as soon as possible even if you don't have confirmed numbers. We will always confirm the numbers 4 weeks prior to arrival date so you can make changes then after you have managed to herd the cats.

Finally let us do the donkey work for your Edinburgh stag party or hen weekend, we know who the best suppliers are and sometimes we have deals that are not available to the public direct. Our budget accommodation is clean and safe and ideal if you are on a tight budget they are not dark and dingy.

If you are looking for a stag weekend in Scotland or if the lassie is trying to organise a Hen Weekend in Scotland try our Scottish stag and hen site at staghenscotland (how do we come up with these super original names I will never know).

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