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Airsoft Combat Games

Fight your own corner with a realistic weapon and 3000 BB rounds in a half-day Airsoft assault. Attack or defend, either way you'll definitely have a blast!

The Highlights

    • Where else can you play with ex military Snatch Land Rovers straight from Iraq and two working armoured tanks?
    • Airsoft isn't just a hobby or us. We operate seven days a week.
    • Our staff are all experienced airsofters who are there to provide an enjoyable and safe Airsoft experience.
    • We are one of the biggest and best known Airsoft companies in the UK. Supplying thousands of regular airsofters with equipment.

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Airsoft is a realistic military experience. Unlike paintball you don't have to be worried of any nasty bruises. Your half day session starts with a short safety brief before you’ll get your hands on a real looking weapon magazine and 3000 BB rounds to go through it. Trust us that’s a lot of plastic to shoot! Also included are overalls tactical vest and the all important face mask to protect your eyes and your good looks!

Once you are ready split into two teams and experience a realistic military session. Bring your coordination and team work into act and outwit your opponents. Attack and defend the working tank Hunt The Stag and good old Capture the Flag.

Clothing is largely dependent on the weather. Hat gloves and supportive boots are always essential. In the summer bring sunscreen and water. Year round you should bring a change of clothes as well wet weather gear. We provide coveralls but you should have suitable clothing to wear underneath a fleece and tracksuit bottoms are fine. More layers will be required if the weather is colder.

Juice and sweets are normally available to purchase. You should bring your own food.

The Little Details

  • Minimum Number: 8
  • Maximum Number: 30
  • Minimum Age: 11
  • Start Time(s): 10:00, 13:00
  • Duration in minutes: 180

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