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  • The Original Edinburgh Ghost Story

    The Original Edinburgh Ghost Story

    Sure, you are boys and you think you won't be scared. Listen, pussies: you will!

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Original Underground Tour

Explore the vaults under the South Bridge, hear how folk used to live avoiding body snatches, (snatches LOL) and other horrible things. Tour lasts 45 mins, perfect before you go out on the lash.

The Highlights

    • The tour will end at The Banshee Labyrinth with a free Whisky and Shortbread
    • Visited by TV's Most Haunted -
    • Scotland's Most Haunted Underground

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Ghost Walks- Underground Tours in Edinburgh

Enter the vaults lurking within the South Bridge in old Edinburgh. Hear tales of how the poor and unfortunate lived in these former slums.

Walk these darkened vaults once the haunt of body snatchers criminals and witches alike! Each vault has an individual story of death destruction disease and crime of which your guide will enlighten you to all the gory details. You will see a modern witchcraft temple still in use by a coven of witches today. You will also be able to enter their former temple and hear why it is no longer safe for the witches to practise in that room. Dare you step inside the stone circle?

After viewing these candlelit tombs you will be taken into our torture museum full of ghastly instruments once used to persecute the witches back in days of old. Here you will end your tour and return to the 21st century glad that you live in today's times. The walks generally start when it gets dark but be warned it is scary. There are options for private tours or maybe keep with the other groups as safety in numbers and all that.

The Little Details

  • Minimum Number: 2
  • Maximum Number: 30
  • Start Time(s): 12:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30
  • Duration in minutes: 240

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