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Edinburgh Quad Biking

This is my favourite motor sport activity. All blokes have always wanted a Motor Bike, this is even better as it has four wheels so less chance of crashing but you still get the same buzz. The smell of petrol wind in your hair and for once you want to drive through the mud rather than stay away.

Quad Biking - Edinburgh

Enjoy the adrenalin rush at its best with a spell of quad biking. Challenge your limits as you control and drive the bike through the muddy trails and wooded tracts and enjoy the fun of off road biking at its best.

Quad Bike Safari Trail

1hr of Quad Bike Safari driving through the stunning Estate grounds as you navigate through a variety of terrains and obstacles. A firm favourite for stags groups & easy to combine with other activities.

Hovercrafting and Quad biking or Clay Pigeon Shooting Fife

Combine crazy Hovercrafting with either Clay Pigeon shooting or Quad biking to make an awesome Stag day out. Filled with Laughs and Action for everyone.

Multi Activity

Choose 2 activities for an action day in a leading activity centre: Choose from 4x4 Off Road, Clays, Archery, Quads, High Ropes or Mini Highland Games.

Mini Highland Games and Quads Highlands

Approx half a day, we use this activity center if you are doing white water rafting or canyoning

Multi Activity Day of Quads + Clays

Experience the fun of quads and clays in Edinburgh. Grab teh deal of Two adventure activities in one go at attractive prices.

Choose From 3 Activities

Choose 3 activities from 4X4 Off Road, Clay Shooting, Archery, Quad Biking or Mini Highland Games. Allow at least half a day for these activities. Perfect for groups of 8 or more.

Choose From 4 Activities

Choose 4 activities from 4X4 Off Road, Clay Shooting, Archery, Quad Biking or Mini Highland Games. Allow at least half a day for these activities. Perfect for groups of 8 or more.

Quad Biking Edinburgh

Quad Biking near edinburghGreat group activity as generally the whole group can be out at once revving engines and racing each other across a specially designed course. The sites generally have two courses, a safari which leads you through woodland tracks testing the bike and yourself and the second is a racing track which is just for full speed and racing racing racing.


Where is Quad Biking held?

We use lots of different sites for the Quad Biking sites depending on the size of the group and what other activities you are looking to do in that afternoon.

Edinburgh is a great city as the road systems means that most activities are accessible with in an hour and a bit.

Motor sport in Edinburgh for stags is very popular so make sure that you book early.
More information

The sites use a range of quads from 125cc to 300cc depending on your experience and what you want from the day. There is a bonus where you can still the Stag in the middle of a bog and watch him try and get out while you are racing around the track.

A full briefing is given to everyone and overalls helmets and other safety equipment is provided. Please make sure that you bring shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and that you are ready for a mud bath.

Why we Recommend Quad Biking?

Because it is my favourite, I love racing my friends as I am quite competitive, I love getting muddy, the smell of petrol, the wind in your hair, the feeling of speed do you want any more? Well it is a great group activity.

Useful Tip

  • If its wet you will get a wee bit muddy so wear old clothes.

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